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Santa Ana Teen Shot and Killed: One of the Many Ills Within Ward 5

Posted in Opinion, Santa Ana Noir, Ward 5 by Omar Ian Ávalos on June 23, 2010

I happen to live in Ward 5, in fact I grew up here. There have been many stories like this one throughout the years, and very close to home. This latest one happened near the corner of Willits and Sullivan streets in the early evening, just after 6:00 or 6:15. I was on my way out when I saw a huge crowd of onlookers along with I don’t know how many SAPD cars and officers that sealed off Sullivan street from Willits to First. Today, as I drove through that street, I saw flowers and a picture of the adolescent lain where he fell, something that is very common when things like this happen.

Why does this have to happen? What went wrong here? How could have this been prevented? What can be done to prevent tragedies like this in the future?

Is city council listening? Are they asking themselves these questions??? This ward has long been neglected. Drive through the intersection at Daisy and Walnut at night and you will see that disgusting drug-pushing element that remains. The removal of that rescue mission did absolutely nothing to improve conditions there. That intersection must be patrolled regularly…. regularly!!

It is worth pointing out that Willits street divides Wards 4 & 5. This occurred just barely within Ward 5. What side of Willits did those murdering scum come from? Were they caught? Who else are they involved with? What is being done to eradicate the gangs in the area?

When will SAPD wipe this place clean of these gangs the way they did with the 6th street gang in the nineties? Where is the political will??


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