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Profile: Paz Angélica Vásquez

Posted in Arts & Culture, Flamenco en Inglés by Omar Ian Ávalos on June 30, 2010

Paz Angélica Gutiérrez de Vázquez was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico and began her studies in classical Spanish and Flamenco dance there at Las Cabales dance academy at the age of ten. She earned her title, Ejecutante de Danza Española, from Las Cabales and has been a professional Spanish and Flamenco dancer since the age of sixteen. She furthered her studies in Madrid at the Centro de Arte Flamenco y Danza Española “Amor de Dios” where she studied Classical Spanish dance with María Magdalena, Paco Romero, and Azorín, and Flamenco dance with Domingo Ortega, Joselillo Romero, Belén Fernández, Antonio Reyes, Ciro, Belén Maya, Alejandro Granados, Lola Greco, Manuel Reyes, Juana Amaya, “La china,” Yolanda Heredia, and “La Tati.”

Angélica performed with the Compañía Nacional de Danza Las Cabales throughout Guadalajara and Mexico, and formed part of the group “Almoraima,” that was active in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico from 1994 to 1999. The group “Almoraima” performed throughout Mexico (Guadalajara, Celaya, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, La Paz) and briefly in Costa Rica.

Additional performance experience outside of her native country includes a season at the
Canary Islands in Spain with Juan Príncipe and Basilio Díaz dance companies and Los Angeles, where she now resides. She has performed alongside some of LA’s most notable performers including Juan Talavera, Yvette García, Vanessa Acosta, Briseida Zárate, Ricardo Chávez, Rafael Aragón, José Tanaka, Antonio Triana, Omar Ávalos, Gabriel Osuna, Jesús Montoya, and Antonio de Jerez at LA Flamenco venues including La Luna Negra, Café Sevilla, Alegría, and Tapas.

She currently choreographs for the Paso de Oro Dance Company, and teaches Classical Spanish and Flamenco dance at Studio Danza in Uptown Whittier, and the Academy of International Dance in Santa Ana.

– Omar Ávalos Gallegos


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