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New Category: Ward 5

Posted in Ward 5 by Omar Ian Ávalos on September 6, 2010

I want to be able to say much more about Ward 5 than the recent street paving going on. It never fails that during an election year, streets get paved. Recently, there have been a number of streets that have been repaved on both sides of Willits street, which is the dividing line between Wards 4 and 5. Sullivan street, on the Ward 5 side, finally got paved from Willits to 1st street. Daisy street has also been repaved on both sides of Willits street.

Another improvement along the Ward 4 and 5 border is the soon to be implementation of traffic lights at the intersection of Willits and Sullivan, something that is long overdue. Speaking of long overdue, the intersection of Willits and Raitt streets needs traffic lights as well.

Lincoln Elementary School, in Ward 5, has also undergone a considerable amount of improvement, to its exterior. May that translate to academic improvement.


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