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The Santa Ana, Soon to be Los Angeles Mural

Posted in Arts & Culture, Downtown by Omar Ian Ávalos on January 1, 2011

“The Phoenix,” by Santa Ana-based artist Moisés Camacho will soon be taken to the Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles for permanent display. The focal point of the mural is a phoenix, which is a mythological creature that is the society’s mascot. The phoenix is a bird that is reborn of its own ashes according to Chinese mythology, where the idea originates. Other cultures later adopted an identification with the phoenix.

Moisés Camacho explains his process for painting "The Phoenix."

Camacho, who studied philosophy at the University of Vermont, was commissioned by the Philosophical Research Society and began painting the mural in November of 2010 at his gallery on the second floor of the Santora Arts Building in Downtown Santa Ana.

The artist explains that his mural is laid out in the form of an ellipse; the phoenix comprises the left part of the ellipse and the energy generated by its rebirth rounds out the ellipse on the right side of the mural. The ellipse is representative of infinite motion. The mural depicts a phoenix rising from fire on the lower side and the span of the phoenix’s left wing forms the upper part of the ellipse.

The mural is slated to be moved early on this year, likely in the early days of January. Now is an opportune time to visit this originally Santa Ana mural, and to witness its early history, before it is moved to Los Angeles. Incidentally, this month’s art walk takes place next Saturday, January 8th.


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