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Whatever Happened to the Santa Ana Council for Arts and Culture?

Posted in Arts & Culture by Omar Ian Ávalos on January 7, 2011

I remember seeing an office for a “Santa Ana Council for Arts and Culture” at the train station in Santa Ana over a decade ago. I don’t remember how long its been since that sign was taken down, and apparently, the entity went away with it. Nowadays there is talk amongst downtown artists about organizing, and I wondered, what happened to that council from years back? Can a potential new council model itself after the previous one? There are newer organizations in the downtown that are more visible and more active–I never see anything having to do with the old council–their mark is nowhere to be found. Did this organization have an official or semi-official municipal status?

After a bit of research I found a link related to the council here. Other related links are found here.


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  1. […] argument was made that the City does not do enough to support the arts. There was talk of a former “Santa Ana Council of Arts and Culture,” which has been dead and buried for years now, with no visible presence anywhere in anything having […]

  2. […] the California Secretary of State’s website. Like for instance, the suspended status of the Santa Ana Council of Arts & Culture. I was wondering about this organization and whatever happened to it. But why would an organization […]

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