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A Mixer with the Masters Part I: Interview with Arturo Márquez

Posted in Art Music, Arts & Culture, Arts Review, Conversations, Downtown, The Journal of Mexican Art Music by Omar Ian Ávalos on April 21, 2011

SANTA ANA. World-renowned Mexican composer Arturo Márquez came to the Santora Building in Downtown Santa Ana on Friday April 15th for a mixer and discussion. Mr. Márquez was joined by María del Pilar O’ Cádiz a Research Specialist at UC Irvine and daughter of Sergio O’ Cádiz, whose murals were on display that night. Felipe Castañeda, a world-renowned sculptor who has works on display at Moisés Camacho’s Art Gallery & Studio at the Santora was also part of the panel discussion. The discussion was moderated by composer and musicologist Omar Ávalos, Associate Music Instructor at Santa Ana College and Principal Musician for the Department of Dance at UC Irvine.


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  1. […] Arturo Márquez, Mexico’s most visible contemporary composer, came to Santa Ana’s Artist Village in April of this year, where he was presented to the community and a panel discussion was held with him. A video of that discussion is available by clicking here. […]

  2. […] On April 15 of 2011 the Maestro returned and was presented to those in attendance through a more formal reception involving a brief lecture and discussion with him, followed by a mixer. A video recording of that interview is available by clicking here. […]

  3. […] El 15 de abril del 2011, el Maestro regresó y fue presentado a los asistentes a través de una recepción más formal que incluía una breve charla con él, seguido por una interacción con los asistentes. Una grabación en vídeo de la entrevista está disponible haciendo clic aquí. […]

  4. […] was fortunate enough to be part of substantial artistic events in the Santora, like when world-renowned Mexican composer Arturo Márquez came to town. I got to moderate a panel discussion with him and another world-renowned sculptor, Felipe […]

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