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The Santora: Santa Ana’s Museum of Latin American Art

Posted in Arts & Culture, Downtown, In Retrospect by Omar Ian Ávalos on April 28, 2011

Not much is said, remembered or recorded about the Santora’s Mexican art legacy, but there is an important one to discuss. I had a recent conversation with sculptor Felipe Castañeda who has some works currently housed at the Santora and he mentioned the names of those that have come and gone, but have left a historical legacy.

Mexican artists Vladimir Cora, Ignacio Guardado and Jorge Ochoa were in residence at the Santora as far back as 1995. All are artists of international repute.

Cora is a native of the state of Nayarit with an abstractionist style similar to Rufino Tamayo, whom he studied with. Ismael Guardado is an artist who mixes aguafuerte (etching) and aguatinta (aquatint) techniques. Jorge Ochoa has a contemporary style similar to Cora and Tamayo.

“I was here back in ’95 at Cora’s request,” said Castañeda. He had Suite B, which is currently occupied by another Mexican artist, Moisés Camacho whose style is rather unique in that it is influenced by his philosophical studies. Many of his works are easily recognizable because of his use of the sfumato technique.

Santora Suite B, home of MC Art Gallery & Studio and the Institute for Mexican Art Music during A Mixer with the Masters: Arturo Márquez, Felipe Castañeda and Sergio O’Cádiz. April 15, 2011


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