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Recap: Art Walk

Posted in The Santa Ana Sentinel by Omar Ian Ávalos on August 7, 2011

This month’s art walk was the first to include arts and activities at the newly christened East End of the downtown, where the Yost theater is the centerpiece. The Yost will go on to become the crown jewel of the entire downtown (sorry Santora), the reason to come to Santa Ana. Other cities have their defining characteristics and people ask what it is about Santa Ana that makes it unique and special, in addition to its cultural diversity, the Yost will be that defining mark.

The team at the Yost raced to get the structure up to code for the much anticipated Unwritten Law concert and managed to do so successfully. The concert was only the very tip of the iceberg concerning the Yost’s future potential, which is very promising.

Both the Artist’s Village and the East End came alive with people and musical activity. Almost everywhere one went one could catch a DJ or a live musical act, and this is only the beginning. Truly, the downtown has not even hit its stride. Eibar Coffee, the downtown’s coffee roaster located behind the Yost, had a jazzy musical duo to go along with their roast, a very nice touch.

Music was heard at the American Barber Shop, the newly christened Fourth Street Mall (the building with a new clock added to its façade) and even Taquería Guadalajara. Then there was the skate park on the corner of Fourth and French.

There was a stage set up outside of the Yost playing Mexican Banda music. Archer over at Downtown Inc explained that it was his idea to have that stage there and although I understand the motive behind having Banda music there, it was extremely loud and probably not fitting with everything else going on that night. Take, for example, people sitting outside of the Yost. If I were a patron seated outside of the Yost I would not want that music blaring into the night and onto the patio. I don’t care if its Banda or anything else it was just too loud for my liking.

This month’s art walk was a practice run. Subsequent art walks promise to be better and better and better. Santa Ana is truly rising again, much like the phoenix on the logo of the Yost Theater. I feel like a kid getting what he’s always wanted, in this case, improvement to the downtown which is something that I’ve been arguing about for years now, in and out of this Sentinel. Our best days are yet to come.


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