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The New World Flamenco Festival Comes to Santa Ana

Posted in Arts & Culture, Flamenco en Inglés by Omar Ian Ávalos on August 19, 2011

The New World Flamenco Festival Comes to Santa Ana, and other parts of Orange County including Irvine, Laguna and Costa Mesa.

This will be the first time that the festival officially comes to Santa Ana. There was an attempt made to bring a workshop here during Juan Talavera’s time as a flamenco dance instructor at Santa Ana College, about five to seven years ago. There is no mention yet of any guitar or dance workshops, which were a common component of the festival in years past. This festival ran annually at the Barclay Theater at UC Irvine but had some funding issues in the last year or two.

The theme for this year’s festival is Semana Flamenka, which means flamenco week. The festival runs from September 19th to the 25th and will come to the Bowers Museum on Tuesday, September 20th for an event called Flamenco Tangata, in reference to the restaurant on site at the museum.

More info is available at the Barclay’s website.


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