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Sunday Night at the Yost: Molotov

Posted in Downtown, Pop Music by Omar Ian Ávalos on September 4, 2011

Update: The doors opened around 7:30 and prior to that there were two long lines formed, one of them stretched out from the promenade and onto 3rd street, where Molotov’s tour bus was stationed. This was the first time that I saw such long lines at the Yost, it seems that not even the new night club events at the Yost have matched the numbers for the Molotov event.

Once inside, I had never seen so many Pumas de la UNAM soccer jerseys in one place outside of a soccer match. If you know Molotov, then you’ll know why.

There were two opening acts, one was a very light opening, not very suitable style for Molotov fans I thought. I entered around 8:30 so I didn’t catch their name, but only some of their tunes. They sung in English and at some point into their set the audience very energetically started shouting for Molotov to come out.

The second act fared better. Although people were impatiently waiting for Molotov, the band Pobreska put on an intensely energetic ska set, which turned the audience on and some within the audience aggressive. The mosh pit went without incident although security seemed ready to pounce on the pit because of its rowdy nature. Pobreska sung in Spanish and English and effectively warmed up the audience for Molotov that came on at 10.

This wasn’t just any concert at the Yost. This concert was significant because people responded, and big. This concert proves that Rock en español will be a hit at the Yost. Already last year Aleks Syntek and Moderatto performed here. The outcome of the concert, particularly with the attendance, proves that people have spoken and they’re more interested in having Rock en español at the Yost, (I sure do), and not the politicking or political posturing of mobs trying to keep Santa Ana from improving.


Mexican rock band Molotov performs tonight at the Yost Theater. Doors open at 7. Prior to the concert the film Bugambilia of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema will be screened for free at the newly christened Plaza Santa Ana at the corner of Fourth and French streets, as part of day two of the OC Film Fiesta.

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