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Art Music of the Day: “Y los ojos a la luz” by Ana Lara

Posted in Art Music, Arts & Culture, The Journal of Mexican Art Music by Omar Ian Ávalos on November 8, 2011

Y los ojos a la luz means “And the eyes see the light.” This is a piece by Mexican contemporary avant-garde composer Ana Lara. An interview that I did on her is available by clicking here.

Her musical works are based on new approaches to composition, based on the use of mixing timbres and pitch ranges to create sonic textures. If you notice, there are no recurring themes or formal structures. This is a very raw music that flows and grows organically. There is order in the dissonance however chaotic it may sound. This music, because it has no preexisting formal template or because it doesn’t follow conventional melodic design, is very difficult to compose. The idea is to create a universal work in contrast to other works of varying musical genres, classical included, that have easily recognizable characteristics.


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