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Liberty Should Never Be Sacrificed

Posted in Discordia by J. González Solorio on November 23, 2011

In a world of naïve realism, the norm is to harbor dogmas and beliefs, in an effort to conquer chaos, and out of fear of the unknown, which is quite possibly unknowable. There exists an essential difference between that which would be genuinely qualified as free thought and objectivity and what is usually peddled to us at our figurative doorstep, in the form of the sensationalist media which long ago hi-jacked the integrity of fair journalism. The unquestioning and trusting attitude that permeates our society truly alarms me and helps fuel the imagination, often giving rise to frightening dystopian landscapes, in which we’ve been the ones who have built the concentration camps, in which we are both the guards and the prisoners. We are conditioned to breed a certain type of deranged pride in our part in creating our own virtual cage. True freedom entails a certain level of chaos, which is permissive to continual influence from all its inhabitants. Only amidst such a rationed chaos can we all assure each of our unique voices is granted a forum in which to express itself. We must not give in so readily to sensationalist ploys by those who possess authority or are willingly subservient to it. Liberty requires us to continually defend against its aggressors, who will most often employ fear to justify their infringement on our individual rights. Each new attack, regardless of how minor it may appear on the surface—be it in the form of the latest TSA offensives on people’s rights or in the question of extending the Patriot Act— needs to be seen as yet another surrendering of our liberties, which were only gained by arduous time, effort, and sometimes by the sacrifice of life itself.

J. González Solorio


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