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Standard Operating Procedure

Posted in Discordia by J. González Solorio on November 26, 2011

It’s quite common for people to speak purely out of the need to confirm their ability to do away with ‘dead air’, rather than out of the need to share that which may help further a relationship, communicate some deep human feeling or sensibility, or serve to educate the recipients of one’s words. I find there are only a select few people I know, personally, whom I can ride with in a car for a half hour who will not feel uncomfortable should I not speak one word the entire time. It’s become the norm to actively pursue the complete obstruction of silence with verbalization, with no exclusionary guidelines, and no matter how banal or frivolous the subject matter being brought to light may be.

Most of one’s life is pre-arranged, the pace, the intensity that’s ‘appropriate’, the expressions we often make without thought, more out of custom, so much so that we don’t realize how ingrained they are in our own minds. When so much more is said than truly necessary, that which we say becomes all the more meaningless and commonplace. There is no sanctity in what we choose to divulge, perhaps we strive to imitate the values popular culture perpetuates each time it grants notoriety to yet someone else who possesses no particular talent, knowledge, or validating quality, who is strictly the possessor of most base character traits, that appeals to the lowest common denominator, and whose notoriety conveniently sustains the prevalent state of ignorance we unapologetically bask in.

J. González Solorio


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