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Helena Modjeska, Shakespearean Actress

Posted in Arts & Culture, In Retrospect, Santa Ana Showbiz! by Omar Ian Ávalos on December 5, 2011

Historical records show that Polish-born singer Helena Modjeska performed in Santa Ana’s opera house at the turn of the 20th century. One online source curiously leaves out this detail but mentions that she and her husband moved to a ranch near Anaheim.

Helena Modjeska was active as a performer in Poland prior to the year 1876, which was when she emigrated to the U.S. along with her husband.

Modjeska performed in San Francisco, Louisville, New York and probably more cities considering that Santa Ana was left out in one online source. She passed away in 1909 in Newport Beach and later had Modjeska Canyon in the Santa Ana Mountains and Modjeska Peak named after her. Modjeska Peak forms the Saddleback mountain landmark visible in Santa Ana alongside Santiago Peak, the taller one of the two.

For more visit the Modjeska Society.


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