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The ‘Self’ in Humanity

Posted in Discordia by J. González Solorio on December 10, 2011

Humanity has forged valiant resistance to the overwhelming efforts invested by the financial sector to globalize and assign a world currency over the past two decades. For every atrocious attempt to curb liberty, for each new shameless endeavor launched with the aim of exploiting that fact exist examples of resistance, non-compliance, and unity in numbers. Yes, there are many things which can do nothing else than upset us, and I feel it’s a priceless individual responsibility to nurture one’s curiosity and never accept any one thing at face value, but I feel it just as important to recognize and become aware of progress which presents itself in steps and phases. The general awareness of our species has surely expanded by leaps and bounds over the past couple of decades, and it’s a continuing process we are enveloped in. The moment at hand should always hark our attention and participation. Remaining positive and optimistic in this, our age of information and communication, is the deciding factor. All our errors, missteps, and losses need to be placed in context, and must serve as lessons on which we perpetually build our edifice of wisdom.

If one gets to truly know oneself, at the deepest levels, in our vulnerable sensibilities, in our shortcomings, and in our prejudices, one’s road has been granted a starting point, which is much more significant than one would perhaps think. Knowing oneself helps to provide one with a reflection of he or she that’s been granted the role of spokesperson for our heart, mind, and soul. This spokesperson is fallible, certainly. The spokesperson has limitations, without any doubt. But this spokesperson becomes a person outside of ourselves while still being a part of us. By taking a virtual step outside of ourselves, shining the penetrating flashlight on each and every crevice of our being, we come to accept this emanation of ourselves, as we would accept a new friend, whom we know, who has faults, and whose ‘humanness’ charms us. In accepting ourselves, we begin to build confidence in what one expresses, thinks about, and dreams of. This confidence is crucial for us as individuals and collectively, to help contribute our unique and irreplaceable piece to the grand mosaic of humanity. When we’ve truly built this confidence from the ground up, fully aware of who we are, any detractor will prove unsuccessful if ever they dare attempt break down our image or plant doubt or pessimism about our person. Time and energy that would otherwise be invested in negative thought and in recovering from it is instead dedicated to expanding and diversifying our personal identity and placing a foot forward, excitedly awaiting and welcoming each moment, rather than grudgingly and fearfully hiding or even fleeing from the present.

Self-actualization need not be exemplified only through some far and distant goal or achievement in society. It can take form in taking responsibility for who we are as individuals, for our very human disquietudes, and for the ideas and dreams we breed and nurture. It is when we manifest this acquiescence of our lives that we become active, assertive participants, rather than passive observers.

J. González Solorio


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