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Stripping of the Constitution

Posted in Discordia by J. González Solorio on December 18, 2011

I sincerely hope most of you are up to speed on what has been happening in Washington DC over the past weeks, with this bill going through Congress, which includes the provision to the National Defense Authorization Act for 2012 (NDAA) which grants the government the power to detain American citizens within the United States indefinitely and without the right to a trial. If this is the first time you hear of this, I sincerely encourage you to take an hour or two to fully examine this impending issue.

If this bill is not vetoed by the Obama, who originally threatened to do so, and does become law, the undeniable momentum that Occupy Wall Street has attained, in conjunction with the general sentiment amongst soldiers returning from Iraq over the next couple weeks may well prove to be a solid movement of resistance against what appears to be the final blow to our Constitution.  It is no secret that active military personnel have donated more money to the campaign of Congressman Ron Paul than to campaigns of all other GOP candidates combined.  The Congressman’s platform is the only one amongst the GOP’s candidates that promises an end to the continuing wars this country has been involved in for many years.  This action by military personnel can very well assist us in judging what their general perspective is on that which they’d like to see happen on the national defense sector in the coming years.

From my perspective, I feel these politicians in Washington have been trying to get this bill through so quickly because they smell a potential uprising on the horizon, and are virtually running scared, perhaps knowing that once the veil is pulled, their deeds and involvement with The Federal Reserve, related multi-national banks and firms related to the bursting of the housing bubble will be out in the open, exposed to the light of day.  An informed American populous may prove vengeful, and I believe this possible scenario could quite easily be the primary motivation for these Washington politicians to push such a bill through with utter disregard for its intrusion and infringement upon the rights granted to us within the United States Constitution.

Much like Congress did last year, I sense that Washington is waiting to push this bill through this week, when an overwhelming majority of people are busy and distracted with the holidays. There appears to be much precise planning vested in deciding when these most heinous of measures are snuck by, hoping that their pestilence will not be sensed by the population at large. It is our right, and responsibility to become informed and condemn that which we deem wrong and detrimental to the liberty this country was founded on.  It is our time to decide, and our time to act, especially in these times, which have plagued us with weak, and at times, corrupt leadership.  It is up to us to determine who is to be trusted and who has clearly betrayed the role of leader and public servant.

J. González Solorio


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