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Of Taxes, Exemptions and Suspensions

Posted in Arts & Culture, Downtown, Ward 2 by Omar Ian Ávalos on March 23, 2012


A non profit organization that is listed as “suspended” in the California Secretary of State’s database may still be eligible for charitable contributions, so long as it is listed as eligible with the IRS.

♫ ‘Tis the season do taxes ♫. Then there are those non profits who are exempt from paying taxes and then there are those non profits that have a suspended status. But what does that mean? What does it mean to have the state suspended a non profit’s status? Does it mean that an organization cannot continue to call itself a non profit or collect money through the organization’s tax ID? I ask because I’m no non profit lawyer.

Oh, the things one can discover at the California Secretary of State’s website. Like for instance, the suspended status of the Santa Ana Council of Arts & Culture. I was wondering about this organization and whatever happened to it. But why would an organization have its status suspended? Tax Free Charity explains that it is common for non profits to have their status suspended after three years due to a failure to file with all the necessary agencies. But no one knows exactly why the SACAC status was suspended.


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