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Sergio González sings Ponce’s Marchita el alma

Posted in Art Music, Arts & Culture, Santa Ana College, The Journal of Mexican Art Music by Omar Ian Ávalos on May 9, 2012

Sergio González, tenor, sang Manuel Ponce’s Marchita el alma (The soul withers) as part of his first semester recital at Santa Ana College.

González was accompanied by Susan Dennis, who improvised the piano score at times.

The work was performed at the request of vocal instructor Eileen O’ Hern, whose students have performed a number of Ponce songs in the past including EstrellitaCerca de ti, Por ti mujer and Cuiden su vida.

This Friday, José Eduardo Hernández performs Ponce’s Por ti mi corazón.

Marchita el alma begins at 2:15. The first song is Star vicino by 17th-century Italian composer, Salvator Rosa.

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