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A Closer Look at LA Metro’s PE ROW / Harbor Blvd Option 1 Study

Posted in Transit by Omar Ian Ávalos on May 17, 2012

The Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority proposed two route options for its West Santa Ana Branch line extending from Union Station to the Santa Ana Regional Transportation Center (SARTC), in its latest study.

Option 1 has a light rail along the now-abandoned Pacific Electric Right of Way (PE ROW) extending into Orange County, where it will head south on Harbor Blvd, then east all along on 1st street until it turns west before Grand street to connect at the SARTC.

Option 2 has a light rail heading east on 17th street then south on Main street until it connects with the proposed Santa Ana fixed guideway, or streetcar, system. Option 2 serves Santa Ana College, but laying track and adding light rail on the very edge of Floral Park will not sit well at all with those residents.

Option 1 makes much sense when taking into account Santa Ana’s proposed development and improvements for Harbor Blvd. However, it will be costlier to add track to Harbor and 1st streets instead of just allowing LA Metro to run at slower speeds in Santa Ana through Santa Ana Blvd, on the proposed streetcar track.

The following graphic shows LA Metro’s proposed route of travel with an orange arrow (south on Harbor, east on 1st) and the Santa Ana streetcar proposed route of travel in yellow (PE ROW). The dots indicate possible stops for entry into a hypothetical stadium at Willowick that has been talked about, but not confirmed.


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