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Nokia Lumia Hangs on Reset

Posted in Lumenia Tech by Omar Ian Ávalos on January 12, 2014

Introducing another column in the SNA Sentinel, Lumenia Tech.

Lumenia Tech


Here’s a very helpful video on how to reset your bricked Nokia Lumia. Note that this applies to all Lumias; 520, 620, 920, 1020 etc. You’ll need the software mentioned in the video, which comes from Nokia, available here:

NSU v4.1.0:…tail_4.1.0.exe


My fiancée recently decided to wipe her Lumia 920 after switching to another Lumia. Her new Lumia setup without a problem but her 920 got stuck hanging after resetting the phone to factory settings.

We got a screen with two spinning gears that went on endlessly. I thought, damn, did I mess it up? Luckily no, it turns out that this is a problem common in Lumia phones.

Her Lumia was running Nokia’s Lumia Amber firmware, it’s not clear if the reset problem will be fixed with their new firmware called Lumia Black, which rolls out in January 2014.

Because the Lumia is inoperable during the…

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