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Game Arena coming to Downtown Santa Ana

Posted in Lumenia Tech by Omar Ian Ávalos on January 13, 2014

Lumenia Tech

A video game arena called eSports Arena ( is preparing to open for business in the historic Ramona building on the corner of 5th & Sycamore.

The company describes itself as “North America’s first eSports facility.” They plan on hosting tournaments, broadcasts and more.

We’ll see an emphasis on competitive gaming across various sports titles and online multiplayer shooters (why shoot deer when you can shoot shoot virtual humans and call it sport?).

ESports Arena will have to seriously raise the stakes in order to get gamers out of their homes and away from their devices in order to opt for a pay-to-compete model.

Will it succeed? Time will tell. Think you’ve got enough game? Put me down for FIFA 14.

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