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Fullerton Rangers Become OC Spartans FC

Posted in Saint City Soccer, Sports by Omar Ian Ávalos on April 2, 2013

UPDATE 4/3/2013: And faster than Lindsay Lohan’s next probation violation, the “Spartans” have changed their name, again, to reflect the youth club they’ve partnered with: Pateadores. The club has removed their twitter handle @OCSpartansFC and replaced it with @OCPateadores.


The former Fullerton Rangers soccer club of the NPSL, who used to be the Santa Ana Winds FC also of the NPSL, has changed their name yet again, this time to the “OC Spartans FC” in an attempt to bank on “the OC” brand.

The “Fullerton” branding endeavor was a flop, as they attempted to partner with the reputable Fullerton Rangers Youth Academy and use their name, but they played their games at Santa Ana Stadium.

This time around “OC Spartans FC” is partnering with the Pateadores youth soccer club, that plays its home games at Orange Coast College.

The “Spartans” will play another season at Santa Ana Stadium in the NPSL.

Introducing Saint City Soccer

Posted in Chivas USA, Major League Soccer, SAC Dons, Saint City Soccer, Winds FC by Omar Ian Ávalos on January 3, 2012

Saint City Soccer is a new blog and category here at the Santa Ana Sentinel. After all, this is a soccer town. And, it turns out that there a bunch of Galaxy fans here. They have an officially recognized Galaxy pub over at The Olde Ship.

There’s much to say and discuss, whether it’s about the Santa Ana Winds’ upcoming season in the National Premier Soccer League, or the Santa Ana College Dons and their next playoff run, or why the divide between Chivas USA and Galaxy supporters. Truly, the LA “Super Clásico” or “Clásico angelino” rivalry spills into Santa Ana.

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