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Santa Ana College Math Teacher Interviewed on Huffington Post

Posted in The Santa Ana Sentinel by Omar Ian Ávalos on May 6, 2014

The latest at Santaniego:


Santa Ana College math teacher Hao-Nien Q. Vu was recently interviewed by the Huffington Post to discuss the launch of a new voice from the Vietnamese community called Vietnam Right Now. To read a contribution to Santaniego by Hao-Nien Vu, click here.

Click here for the original Huffington Post with Hao-Nien Vu.

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Remembering Samara Musical

Posted in The Santa Ana Sentinel by Omar Ian Ávalos on April 30, 2014


Years ago, going back 20 years or so, there was a music store named Samara Musical on the corner of 1st & Broadway streets in Downtown Santa Ana.

I acquired some of the rarest imported cds there, and not just anything, but really impacting, life-changing music. It’s sounds like an exaggeration but it’s true.

Samara was associated more with popular or regional Mexican music genres, things like corridos, mariachi, versátil even rock en español. This last genre is why I entered Samara in the first place… I went hunting specifically for that genre when I stumbled upon an overlooked cd carousel. That carousel had some of absolute gems of albums. I think the first ever cd I bought there was called Embrujo flamenco, by a group of the same name, recorded on Sony Discos in the mid 1990s. I was floored by the quality of that group, a Mexican trio of guitarists…

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The Sentinel is now Santaniego

Posted in The Santa Ana Sentinel by Omar Ian Ávalos on March 26, 2014

The Santa Ana Sentinel is now Santaniego. All Sentinel content is found at, ( Twitter and Facebook. The @SNA_Sentinel Twitter handle has been switched to @Santaniego.

Santaniego will remain dedicated to the original vision of The Sentinel, which has always been to observe, inform and critique with civility. A high bar was set initially with The Sentinel, and admittedly, that bar was not always met. But that higher goal will always remain for the sake of providing an elevated aesthetic, and an alternate view of all things Santa Ana.

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Disillusionment with Major League Soccer

Posted in The Santa Ana Sentinel by Omar Ian Ávalos on March 25, 2014

Saint City Soccer

Major League Soccer is starting to disappoint with the now too-common lip service and hype coming from the higher-ups in charge of the league.

There’s a pattern of contradictory statements made by the league’s commissioner involving the awarding of franchises to ownership groups and cities while ignoring the tantamount criteria of having a soccer stadium in place, prior to the awarding of a franchise.

The league and the commissioner have gone back on those words by allowing the league’s newest team, New York City FC, to enter the league without a stadium, nor a team, nor a youth academy, nor a timetable for a stadium, nor the political support to build a soccer-specific stadium within the 5 NY boroughs.

What’s more, the league failed at capitalizing on the Chivas brand. The demise of Chivas USA was not simply the former ownership’s fault. The Chivas USA plan was part of a…

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Posted in Artes y Letras, Arts & Culture, Educación, Education, Romancero Avaliano, The Santa Ana Sentinel by Omar Ian Ávalos on March 17, 2014

Word of the day, SANTANIEGO


Santaniego.  Sustantivo, definición: Persona o cosa de una localidad con el nombre de Santa Ana.

Para ser más específico, el gentilicio Santaniego no es un término muy usado–no al igual que otros como Santaneco (término usado en España y El Salvador) u Santanero (término también proveniente de España)–pero sí se usa en la localidad de Santa Ana en la provincia de Cáceres en España.

Santaniego. Noun, definition: A demonym, a gentilic. A person, place or thing from a place with the name Santa Ana. To be more specific, the term Santaniego is not a very commonly used term–not like the terms Santaneco (used by Salvadorans and some Spaniards) or Santanero (also used in Spain)–but it is used in the locality of Santa Ana in the Province of Cáceres, Spain.

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The Santa Ana College Applied Music Schedule for Spring 2014

Posted in Arts & Culture, Downtown, Santa Ana College by Omar Ian Ávalos on March 10, 2014

Santa Ana College Music presents another semester of free music performances at Fine Arts Hall (Art Building Room C-104) on Tuesdays at 5 pm and Fridays at 12:30 pm. In addition to these, this semester the Fine & Performing Arts Division will host theatre, dance and more arts events at the SAC Santora Arts Gallery downtown.

Campus parking is free for students with a valid permit and $2 for visitors.

For more visit SAC Fine & Performing Arts

Tuesday Performances at 5 pm in Fine Arts Hall (C-104)

February 25
Jazz Menagerie at the Santora Arts Center

March 4
Omar Avalos, Flamenco guitarist

March 11

March 18
Hoang Nguyen, Pianist

March 25
Michael Briones, Trombonist

April 1
Judy Huang, Pianist

April 8
Spring break

April 15
Kayoko Adachi, Violinist

April 22,
Santa Ana College Big Band

April 29
Don Mariachi

Friday Performances at 12:30 pm

February 28

March 7
Omar Avalos, Flamenco guitarist

March 14
Arash Kamalian: Improvisation in Persian Classical Music

March 21
Hoang Nguyen, Pianist

March 28

April 4
Judy Huang, Pianist

April 11
Spring break

April 18
Denali Guitar Duo

April 25
David F. Lopez, Clarinetist

May 2
Melody Versoza, Soprano

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Arte Santa Ana No. 7: Commentary on the Santa Ana Arts & Culture Commission

Fellow Santa Ana born and bred artist Francisco “Frank” Saucedo and I discuss matters concerning the formation of the Santa Ana Arts & Culture Commission on the latest Arte Santa Ana Podcast. Listen through the following links and on iTunes.

Omar Ávalos Gallegos
Associate Music Instructor,
Santa Ana College
Principal Musician, UC Irvine
Co-Founder, Arte Santa Ana

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Game Arena coming to Downtown Santa Ana

Posted in Lumenia Tech by Omar Ian Ávalos on January 13, 2014

Lumenia Tech

A video game arena called eSports Arena ( is preparing to open for business in the historic Ramona building on the corner of 5th & Sycamore.

The company describes itself as “North America’s first eSports facility.” They plan on hosting tournaments, broadcasts and more.

We’ll see an emphasis on competitive gaming across various sports titles and online multiplayer shooters (why shoot deer when you can shoot shoot virtual humans and call it sport?).

ESports Arena will have to seriously raise the stakes in order to get gamers out of their homes and away from their devices in order to opt for a pay-to-compete model.

Will it succeed? Time will tell. Think you’ve got enough game? Put me down for FIFA 14.

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Nokia Lumia Hangs on Reset

Posted in Lumenia Tech by Omar Ian Ávalos on January 12, 2014

Introducing another column in the SNA Sentinel, Lumenia Tech.

Lumenia Tech


Here’s a very helpful video on how to reset your bricked Nokia Lumia. Note that this applies to all Lumias; 520, 620, 920, 1020 etc. You’ll need the software mentioned in the video, which comes from Nokia, available here:

NSU v4.1.0:…tail_4.1.0.exe


My fiancée recently decided to wipe her Lumia 920 after switching to another Lumia. Her new Lumia setup without a problem but her 920 got stuck hanging after resetting the phone to factory settings.

We got a screen with two spinning gears that went on endlessly. I thought, damn, did I mess it up? Luckily no, it turns out that this is a problem common in Lumia phones.

Her Lumia was running Nokia’s Lumia Amber firmware, it’s not clear if the reset problem will be fixed with their new firmware called Lumia Black, which rolls out in January 2014.

Because the Lumia is inoperable during the…

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Mexican Consulate in Santa Ana Moves to 2100 E. Fourth St.

Posted in Civics, Mexico by Omar Ian Ávalos on November 7, 2013

The Mexican Consulate in Santa Ana has for the longest time needed more space. They finally moved their headquarters to a larger, two-story space at 2100 E. 4th Street, where they reopened on November 4th. The new consulate office is near the corner of 4th and Golden Circle Drive on the south side and before Tustin avenue, heading east.

There’s speculation that this move may be to prepare for an expected immigration reform, where people could arrive in greater numbers. The Consulate, in its old location near Broadway and Civic Center, saw lines stretch outside. Whether or not a reform occurs, a move into a larger space was long overdue.

This information comes from the Mexican Embassy’s new smartphone app, called MiConsulMex, which is avaialbe on iPhones and Androids, and provides information on the Embassy’s consulates.

Click on the link for more information on the Mexican Consulate in Santa Ana.


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